OTT TV Transcoding for ISP

The StreamBuilder software was initially developed to help Internet Service companies to provide a reliable online TV streams for OTT TV streaming service. Offering a robust 24/7 OTT service to existing broadband subscribers becomes a critical element to keep them paying. [More]
Low Latency Streaming Services

Streaming becomes a new trend not only in gaming industry, with a cyber sport events at the top of it, but also for any other activity that seems to engage people watching. StreamBuilder According to our experience in broadcasting sports and esport (include game streams) events, we offer our customers online video streaming with minimal delay. Our solution is based on DASH and HLS Protocol...[More]

Cloud streaming service

We provide a cloud streaming service and have all the resources and capabilities to enable our customers to implement their projects using our clouds...[More]
IP camera streaming

Expand the capabilities of broadcast CCTV and IP cameras with StreamBuilder...[More]
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