StreamBuilder Manual

The "ADMIN PANEL & HTTP API" section describes how to configure the admin panel for the client. The admin panel is a separate streambuilder package and can be installed with Streambuilder during a normal installation, you will also need a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to work with the system.

Modifications streambuilder from version toversion. This page provides information about the added and updated functions of thestreambuilder system in new versions of the platform.

The "Configuration" section describes software configurations. To configure the settings, the client needs to go to the "Admin Panel" section.

Product Overview Streambuilder. This page describes information about Streambuilder, key features of this system, information about compatibility of Streambuilder with client devices, as well as system functions.

The "PERFORMANCE METRICS" section describes the recommended client hardware for Streambuilder software performance, and also indicates the maximum performance when following the recommendations.

Equipment requirements. This page contains the requirements for the processor, RAM, hdd, etc. to the client system for the successful use of Streambuilder functions.

This section contains information about the key features of StreamBuilder software, about the functions available in this system, as well as the requirements for client equipment.

In the "Advanced Installation" section, commands are presented for a more advanced installation of StreamBuilder software, as well as binary packages for installation using the package manager of your OS.

Streambuilder installation archive.This page provides information about the versions of archive the streambuilder, as well asinstructions for installing

The article "ENABLING VIDEO INTEL QUICK SYNC" describes hardware acceleration technology for video processing on modern Intel processors. This technology significantly improves video transcoding performance through the use of Intel's integrated graphics processor (GPU).

The “HOW TO CHECK INTEL QUICK SYNC VIDEO SUPPORT” section describes how a client can check whether its specific processor supports Intel Quick Sync Video technology to speed up video encoding.

Work with UDP multicast MPEG-TS streams on linux. The most common task for all video services is encoding a group of television channels. This page describes recommendations for working with MPEG-TS UDP multicast streams in Ubuntu and CentOS.

This section provides information about the Widevine Modular DRM encryption function for MPEG DASH streams, and provides instructions on adding a function to the client channel.