LIVE video Transcoding and Streaming software
Input UDP, RTMP, MPEG-TS or SDI and stream HLS and DASH
to any device!
Effective multiple TV streams conversion into adaptive bit streaming format
Mostly it's the case for ISPs that need to upgrade existing IPTV infrastructure for HTTP streaming not only intranet, but also for online streaming on public networks

SDI/RTMP to HLS/MPEG-DASH transcoding for
online TV streaming
Original TV channel encoding for CDN streaming
Major TV networks or single TV channels require professional transcoding software to provide quality signal to feed into delivery networks


StreamBuilder Features

Quick Sync and
GPU powered encoding
Effective UDP to HLS transcoding that supports:
  • h264 and MPEG-DASH encoding
  • error-free stream compatible with all HLS/DASH playback devices
  • any type of source: SDI, RTMP, UDP, MPEG-TS
  • rich output options: HLS, DASH, RTMP, UDP
  • restreaming
  • fault tolerance
  • cloud compatible
DVR, DRM, subs, audio tracks

Must have features for any TV stream to comply with market standards, copyright requirements and great user experience:

  • DVR to store and rewind the stream
  • content protection (DRM Widevine Modular and HLS AES-128)
  • multiple audio tracks
  • subtitles
  • embedded logo
Blackout feature helps to cut-out certain content from your stream:
  • SCTE35/DTMF markers support
  • API controlled blackout
  • *.xmltv or custom scheduling

Server Side Ad Insertion
Monetise your TV stream more effectively replacing in stream advertising, ad-block effective and targeted:
  • SCTE35 pass to HLS manifest
  • DTMF

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