UDP transcoding for OTT TV

StreamBuilder streaming transcoder was developed with a focus on OTT IPTV services to provide a reliable online TV broadcast with ABR in HLS format h264 and MPEG-DASH when free ffmpeg failed with too many errors at that time. Today offering a robust 24/7 OTT service to existing broadband subscribers becomes a critical element to keep them paying. Customers expect great picture quality, low latency, fault-free TV watching experience on every device they already own: from iPhone and Android smartphones to Smart TVs, Roku players and game consoles.

Providing OTT service requires professional transcoding software with dedicated support and great performance.

StreamBuilder software is a simple and powerful tool to serve as a dependable and cost effective element of your OTT infrastructure. Simply feed any kind of a source TV signal (most likely it's UDP from a TV head-end processor/station) into it and receive the output stream in HTTP Live Streaming encoded with h264 or MPEG-DASH. Then it goes to the Middleware of your choice or directly to CDN/Edge servers.

There is more to expect from StreamBuilder to comply with your customers expectations: DVR for pause/rewind, subtitles, ad insertion and so on. All these features are necessary and ready to use out-of-the-box with an Enterprise license.

If you feel that you need assistance to help you with a turn-key OTT service deployment on your premises or in the cloud we are more than happy to provide you with integration and customisation services.

Just get in touch with us at ask@streambuilder.pro or via online contact form.

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