What is video streaming and how does it work?

A few years ago, only a certain number of people deeply involved in digital technologies and development knew about such concepts as "streaming," "streaming media," streaming video. Then there was a real revolution in the online video industry, the user has changed the very understanding and presentation of content in principle. Now streaming can be safely called a new, global trend, which is rapidly developing every year. At the same time, many users find it difficult to give a clear definition of what exactly this streaming is and why it may be needed. In order to take advantage of new opportunities, you first need to understand what is the new technology , what streaming video work is called, what is streaming tv and how streaming works.

Let us examine the basic concepts

Streaming is a method of transferring data from the source to the user, in which the content is located on a remote server, and to play it on the device, download and installation are not required. Streaming is the delivery of multimedia streams of information (audio, video) to remote users in real time. Streaming video is a type of multimedia in which information contained in a video file is continuously delivered to a remote user via the Internet. This can be either a live streaming of an event (for example, a sports tournament or a political event), or a separate video content in the form of films, broadcasts, etc.

Similar video streams are based on streaming principles. How does streaming work? When a file is streamed, the information downloaded from the website is temporarily stored in the device's RAM. These data are transferred to the media player with a minimum delay, and then they are replaced with already new information. This is how streaming works.
What is video streaming and how does it work
How does live streaming work?

For greater understanding, let us explain in more detail how the live streaming of any event occurs in streaming broadcasting. Imagine that a football match is going on. There are cameras everywhere that capture the current process and deliver a specific video signal. This video signal is captured and encoded by a special device (transcoder). The transcoder sends the received stream to a media server to which users are already connected and request links to broadcasts for viewing. This is how streaming works in the case of live streamings.

Why is it important?

Streaming has completely changed the user's attitude to the content. After all, there is no longer any need to look for sources where you can download the necessary information, download it, occupying the maximum amount of free space on hard drives. Now it's enough to go to a certain resource, enter the correct request and after a few seconds enjoy a good movie, watch the game of your favorite team live streaming with minimal delays or listen to pleasant music without unnecessary movements.

In addition, streaming offers users content in really high quality with significant speed. This is achieved through the development of technology and overcoming the main difficulties associated with online video, such as the problem with stream delay.

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