How We Making Live Streaming more Progressive

The speed of changes in the world is drastically growing, so everyone demands higher speeds and lower delays to keep up with the world. Online video technologies provide the workflow for many industries and yes, today, one of the main challenges in the field of live streaming is cutting the delivery time to the end user. We are talking about the window between the moment when the event takes place and recorded on the camera for a live broadcast to the moment when the content is displayed on the screen of a viewer.

In order to assess the magnitude of the problem, it should be noted that in the linear stream of the traditional TV broadcasting the standard delay is 3-5 seconds. For online video delivery via http based streaming protocols, the delay can go up to 30 seconds or more. Part of that delay time is intentional to allow the caches to alleviate the network glitches and to let the WebRTC p2p delivery to perform. The gap is huge and may be acceptable in terms of the trade-off for quality reasons, but for more interactive or time sensitive broadcasts like online sports and cyberstreaming the low latency streaming can be very critical.

So, the live streaming providers, online video platforms and video software development companies must address this and provide the low latency live video streaming for their users. The ultimate goal is ultra low latency without sacrificing the uninterrupted viewing experience, especially for the sports events when any signal loss is devastating not only ruining the overall satisfaction, but may result in financial losses if we are talking about betting or simply losing subscribers.
How we making live streaming more progressive
And these requirements are directly dependent on the ability to achieve streaming with the low latency.

The StreamBuilder encoder, is a server-based software that provides the full range features to capture, transcode and process video stream for Internet delivery. As a part of Webcaster streaming platform or any other streaming stack StreamBuilder provides the low latency compatible stream to feed down the pipe.

Today we offer our customers online video streaming with a delay in the range of 9 seconds! All thanks to vast experience in sports and video gaming broadcasts with the fine tuned settings of every element of the delivery platform and a careful choice of stream parameters and components optimization. Our solution is based on the HLS protocol, providing both stable playback and low latency video. Also, with the help of our WebRTC peering component Flockplay, our users can also save on traffic costs and process the peaks with no extra effort.

We are pleased to offer our solutions to a wide variety of projects: online sports broadcasts, video games and cybersports streaming, online TV channels, internet service providers, online education, online video services and etc.

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