Blackout feature

Once a TV channel decides to start broadcasting online it faces the so called black out problem that comes out of the territory copyright limitations. Let's figure out how to enable that.

Almost any content licensing agreement contains the clause that defines the territory you are allowed to broadcast or distribute it. Naturally local TV channels pay less to license a movie or a TV show, when their air it on a certain area, as the global rights are very expensive for top grade content and local business simply can't afford it. So, when streaming your feed online that parts of a channel's programming must be replaced or blacked-out to prevent the licensing conditions violation. That makes the "black-out" option is a must for almost any TV channel that does not intend to break the copyright law.

One of the most common problems in online broadcasting is the lack of copyrights to display any content (movies, TV shows, broadcasts, some advertising). A significant part of copyright holders prohibits reproduction of their materials on the Internet, which greatly complicates the life of resources that plan or already broadcast online. A situation arises when some part of content need to be somehow "cut out" from the ether or replaced by something.
Being industry grade solution, the StreamBuilder transcoder, fully supports the Blackout function, and provides both replacing and cutting out options for the copyright sensitive content effectively and very accurate. This feature is widely used by all our customers who broadcast on the Internet.

There are two basic options to tell Streambuilder which content must be replaced or blacked out:

  1. DTMF signals. These are audio markers that sound like a tone signals of analog phones. Streambuilder detects DTMF in and out tones and edits the stream on-the-fly.
  2. SCTE-35 marks. Also referred as SCTE30 messages. MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS) protocol supports that cue marks to allow the communication between MPEG splicers and content delivery elements such as encoders and etc.
Both kinds of marks are usually embedded into the stream with a scheduler software.

So, StreamBuilder supports automatic Blackout mode on/off based on the broadcast schedule and markers. Also, there is an option to keep track of the input stream status and if the service is restarted or the incoming signal disappears, the StreamBuilder will return the stream to the Blackout mode.

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