Current StreamBuilder version: R8.6


  • CentOS 7.x (both software and hardware transcoding)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 (software transcoding only)
  • sudo
  • wget

NOTE: If you are planning to use hardware encoding, please follow Enabling Quick Sync section first.

Install StreamBuilder from our repository:

wget -q && sudo bash    

You’ll be asked if you want to install admin panel on this server — press y if you do. The rest of StreamBuilder installation will be performed automatically.

CentOS 7 setup steps after installation

In order to get StreamBuilder running on CentOS, you should do the following right after installation:

  1. Сomment in /etc/sudoers:

    #Defaults requiretty

  2. Set security policy to permissive in /etc/selinux/config:


    You may disable SELinux completely by setting SELINUX=disabled if you don’t need security logs. Refer to SELinux manual for more information.

  3. Reboot the server for changes to take effect or simply run:

    sudo setenforce 0

You could check if StreamBuilder is installed successfully by running /usr/local/bin/streambuilder. Correct output should be something like:

streambuilder R8.6/357246e24a6d10978ed1cc8dc00c345dce743852

Please refer to Configuration section for configuring and setting up. See Advanced Installation for more details.